Babymooning in Paris: Part Three

***** a full 16 months later*****

Part 1

Part 2



Okie, so we left off with us going to bed the day before our train ride to London.

We packed up our tiny airbnb and headed over to Telescope for some coffee before going to the train station. The girl that works there is awesome and I heard her speak fluent English, French, Danish?, and Dutch? maybe another?  She is who 18 year old me thought I would be. Instead I was 24 weeks pregnant bumbling “Mur-See” while passing on a coffee so that I wouldn’t get acid reflux before the train ride. Good thing I am v happy where I am in life, lol.

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We arrived to a ultra crowded, ultra hot train station under construction. We saw this giant line that wrapped around from upstairs, down a 2 story flight of stairs, down around the stairs, almost to the entrance of the train station. We thought, “oh no way is that our line, we are super early!”… We asked people in line which train they were waiting for and they said the 12:30 train to London— ours was the 11:15. Everyone was saying that our line was at the start of this and they were lined up after ALL the 11:15-ers. and you can see where this is going… We were trying to not lose it and was trying to ask a Frenchman working if this is our line and where we should go and he kept shrugging and pointing to an elevator. Ken ya not be a stereotype right now French guy!?


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March 2018


Moving. Moving. Moving.

Park. Zoo. Swim.

Babies. Birthdays. Holy Week.

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48 Hours in Mexico City

We have a deep love for the Yucatan and have been dreaming to visit Mexico City (and Our Lady).

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Buy 1 get 1 from Alaska Airlines + points and SPG points later, we booked 2 nights away! Mexico City is only a 3.5 hour flight from Los Angeles, so leaving felt like no big deal.

We ended up staying in Polanco at Hotel Habita (because that was the hotel our amount of SPG points would cover) and I think that’s the #1 thing we would have changed— almost everywhere we wanted to go was in Roma so we had to take Uber a lot which wasn’t a huge deal because after a weekend of taking Uber everywhere (including to and from the airport), it was only $38 for the entire weekend. But! we just would have been better in Roma.

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Felix did great on his first flight! Even did great with the 1.5 hour line through customs.

Once through, we took an Uber from the airport to our hotel, and found somewhere nearby for first dinner. We popped into this seafood restaurant and right after we ordered our drinks this loud siren started blaring but we just assumed it was an ambulance or police outside but then everyone in the restaurant started to stand up and go outside. The server came over and said something to us about going outside and we just stared at him confused then in English he said, “Go outside. Alarm. Earthquake.”……….

Daniel and I speak an okay amount of Spanish but the language barrier felt gigantic in that moment.

We went outside and people were answering their phones saying “Estoy bien!!!!” and we were looking around seeing this— sky scrapers and people pointing at the wires and swaying buildings trying to figure out what was going on.

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January 2018



Rang in the New Year having to come home 2 hours into a New Years Party because Prim was throwing up.

Lake Arrowhead. Joshua Tree. Palm Springs.

Little did we know that we were moving in 2 months, so it’s sweet to see some special final memories at our old house.

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